The Color Run // Big Red Music Festival (Instagram Edit)

We live in an over saturated world when it comes to online marketing, so sometimes the best thing to do is hit people with a quick "same day edit". This video was shot, edited and turned around to the client within a 3 hour period. The power it had was amazing. Even on my own social media sites it was one of the most popular posts (Instagram and Facebook) all year. People loved the fact that it's a high quality edit and it was posted almost before they were able to even get cleaned up from the run. People were still hyped up and were sharing it like crazy.

Life lesson: Don't underestimate the value in a short video.

My Own Wedding

So I'm in the beginning stages of planning my own wedding with my lovely fiancée (and assistant). Decided to throw a little video together of my groomsmen invites since they turned out pretty darn nice. Put these beauties together all on my own!

Queen of Cyprus

Over the weekend we had a last minute request from the guys in North Lakes to get a video shot for their newest single 'Queen of Cyprus'. They were releasing the new tune the following Tuesday which was to be released on and CBC, so they wanted a video to go along with the release.

A few ideas were tossed around for locations (a pizza shop, a baseball diamond, etc) but we ended up at the local Farmers Market on Saturday morning. I had a friend, Kyle Gallagher of House-Front Productions, come and do sound for the video and I'm thrilled with how everything turned out.

You'll notice a distinct effect in the video that makes it look a little "aged" almost. It's a trick called "lens whacking"  where you actually remove the lens from your camera and just hold it in front of where it attaches. The light leaks in and you get some pretty amazing shots. It worked perfectly for the style I was going for with the guys.

So without further adieu, Queen of Cyprus by North Lakes.

Let's talk about it...

So I've decided to start writing a bit of a blog for each new video I post. I guess it's a sort of "behind the scenes" type thing. They won't be long, and they'll probably be an English teacher's nightmare, but they'll exist. So feel free to read on.

This first post is for a recent video we did for The Meds, who had 2 songs air on the television show Rookie Blue. They wanted to give fans a free intimate show experience and we didn't have much time to prepare. In fact, this was my first "same day edit" where we had to get this 4 song set shot, edited, and uploaded all within 24 hours. I like to think that I take away something from every project, and this definitely tested my ability to stay focused and stay on track.

I want to thank the guys in the band for trusting in us to get the project done. Go check out their work at

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, The Meds: Live at the PEI Brewing Co.