Let's talk about it...

So I've decided to start writing a bit of a blog for each new video I post. I guess it's a sort of "behind the scenes" type thing. They won't be long, and they'll probably be an English teacher's nightmare, but they'll exist. So feel free to read on.

This first post is for a recent video we did for The Meds, who had 2 songs air on the television show Rookie Blue. They wanted to give fans a free intimate show experience and we didn't have much time to prepare. In fact, this was my first "same day edit" where we had to get this 4 song set shot, edited, and uploaded all within 24 hours. I like to think that I take away something from every project, and this definitely tested my ability to stay focused and stay on track.

I want to thank the guys in the band for trusting in us to get the project done. Go check out their work at www.themeds.ca.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, The Meds: Live at the PEI Brewing Co.