Elisha + Dion

"We're so proud of you guys. This is more than we could have ever asked for! We love it so much! "

Carleen + Ray

"From the first day until the last day working with you was incredibly easy, you were always on top of things and for this we are very thankful. Your work is beyond spectacular and we can't thank you enough for your outstanding professionalism, service and quality of work throughout this whole event."

2014-02-03 07.27.37 pm copy.jpg


Kristi + Matt

"We had a perfect, perfect day and I am so glad that you could be there with us to help capture the special moments.

You are both extraordinarily professional and an absolute pleasure to have as part of such a meaningful and memorable day."

Lindsay + Darren

"This video is so special to us and we are so thrilled that you were able to capture the essence of what that day meant. You are so talented at what you do and we cannot thank you enough."